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What You Should Do When Morale is Down with Your Sports Team


Feeling down when your team is not doing that well when they practice or play a game can be discouraging. Whether they do a great job during practice and then can’t be the same winning team on game day, or they just need a lot of practice and conditioning to play their best, you will need a plan to manage these problems and help them rise to the challenge each day your practice and perform with the other teams.

Make Practices Fun

Have a special music playlist for your conditioning time and drills that have a tempo similar to the task at hand, and make it fun for the audience with old standards and new finds that you can use to capture their attention. Make the music available for them to listen to at home, too. You could, also, bring a snack for everyone and ask them to do this, too. They will feel great about making a fun diversion for the group with their special choice that they will share with everyone. Do drills and have contests and games that make them fun and easier for working together as a team. Invite a guest speaker to talk about the sport, nutrition, and skills that they are learning as a team.

Give Them a Prize After Practice and Game Day

You can give rewards after they prepare and play their best after practice and game day. You can give them special reinforcement for putting their best effort into the sport. Attempt to notice each player and their unique contribution or their moment in the sun. Give them gift cards, sports equipment, and gear that they can use and remember their achievement.

Get Their Participation with Assigned Tasks that they Can Own and Enjoy

Find a player for each task you need to be done, such as gathering and moving equipment, doing attendance time, leading drills, and more. They will like to have a role like this to connect with their team and do something to help their coach. They can feel confident about contributing their best with an easy job when they have a less successful practice or game. They are still valuable to the team, but not always perfect.

Team Memorabilia

Boost Team Morale with Special Team Memorabilia

Give your teammates gear that looks great so they can keep it for memories and even wear it for a blast from the past. You could get bulk Richardson hats. The Richardson Hats 112 are popular with sports teams for games, practices, and memories afterward. Give your team your practice music playlist with an electronic music file to listen to before the big game. They could also give you their photos and you can make a photo album for each player that helps them remember the times when they were doing their best. You can give them a water bottle that helps them remember to hydrate their bodies and stay healthy and ready for the practices and games.