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The Impact of Members’ Review on Gyms


Just as it applies to any business holding, the feedback of customers goes a long way in influencing future patronage. Reviews of a service provider like gyms may be feedback through word-of-mouth or users’ opinions, an online discussion on the gym’s website, or in some cases – social media.

We shall be assessing the different ways via which user opinions about gyms affect the posterity of the business, and the famous culprits or strong points in gym members’ reviews.

1.Membership contract

Due to the gust of morale with which many adults enter the summer seasons, a tray load of gym subscription contracts gets signed yearly at gym locations across the country. The root cause of this yearly peak in gym subscription is mostly the new resolutions reached by people, to keep and look fit. No one wants to look bloated in their summer wears. The commitment of getting fit, at the peril of comfort, makes many apply for gym subscriptions.

However, several complaints are usually made by gym users, especially when their workout motivation starts to wane, find themselves visiting the gym less often, and end up paying for a service that is far from being maximized. At this point, gym users commonly ask for membership cancellations, complain about undeclared or unfair contract terms, and penalty charges. To avoid bad PR that could be caused by lawsuits filed by gym users, it always helps when gyms make the terms of the membership contract explicit.

2.24-Hours Services and Chain Locations

The schedule of gym members varies under individual commitments. Some users can only spare time for gym activities at late hours of the night; such arrangements could render some gym memberships useless. Equally, the jobs of some individuals might require them to be itinerant, thus continually changing location. Such users who subscribe to gyms that do not have a nationwide franchise may find it difficult to maximize their gym usage.

Gyms that have the ‘24-hours’ and ‘chain location’ feature coming with their contract tend to enjoy higher patronage. Potential subscribers will equally save themselves a lot of hassle by checking their year-long itinerary before signing a long-term gym contract.

3.Equipment maintenance

Anyone that has visited a YMCA gym almost always complains about the state of their equipment. That could be pardonable with YMCA gyms, but not with a gym that charges a yearly subscription fee of about $700. Customers are likely to write for a contract termination notice if they realize that a similar gym that charges roughly the same fee provides up-to-date and well-maintained equipment.

4.User-to-equipment ratio

It can be a frustrating experience; if after mustering enough motivation to visit the gym, you arrive at the location and find the place crowded. Then having to wait in line or get busy with unplanned routines before being able to use the equipment of your choice. Many gym members do not bother to check around the gym for the equipment capacity or ask for the member’s population of the gym location before signing the contract.

All the highlighted causes of negative reviews for gyms can be avoided if potential users would do proper findings and if gyms would be explicit enough with their terms of the contract.