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Golf Tournament Fundraising Strategies


Golf tournaments are excellent ways to raise money. Not only are players able to enjoy a game of golf, but they are also able to help individuals and charity organizations. These events are memorable experiences. Fairness and fun are of upmost importance at these tournaments, which may include a number of fund-raising opportunities.


Between golfing and dinner, you may want to hold a raffle. Raffles offer non-golfers the opportunity to participate in the fund-raising event. For these events, the golf tournament raffle prizes may be donated or purchased wholesale. These prizes may include anything from golf gear to exotic vacations. They may also include items and services from local businesses. Even shootout or other contest opportunities may be raffled.


Players may participate in a number of sponsored contests. For example, they may be challenged to make a hole in one, where each par-3 hole is sponsored. The players have opportunities to receive a different prize at each hole. You may even offer a cash prize, such as a $1 million shot, for an especially difficult hole in one.

During putting and chipping contests, the players may be charged a fee for each putt or chip toward a target hole. They start out at the same distance from the hole and the best are moved up into more advanced rounds until a final winner earns the prize.

Shootout and long-drive contests may also be staged. Although shootouts are similar to hole-in-one contests, long-drive contests are played on somewhat straight holes with the goal of getting onto the fairway. The longest drive wins the contest.

You can make a contest out of just about any shot or combination of shots. The winner receives a prize while the event still makes money.


Before and after golfing events, you may also hold auctions. Whether you choose a silent or live auction, these events offer golfers and non-golfers the excitement of winning prizes.

Silent auctions typically have bid sheets next to prizes or prize descriptions that allow bidders to write down their highest bid. While silent auctions give the participants the opportunity to leisurely review each prize and consider their bids carefully, live auctions have auctioneers with experience getting the highest amount for each item. In live auctions, the excitement and intensity grow as the auctioneer moves from the lowest to highest priced items.

If you need to raise money, consider using one or more of these golf tournament fundraising strategies, but be sure to encourage the participation of both golfers and non-golfers.