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Essential gears for outdoor climbing


Leisure is a very important activity to human health as this eases off the accumulated stress caused by our daily activities. There are different leisure activities one can indulge in one of these is outdoor climbing.

Outdoor climbing is an activity that requires those indulging in it to climb up and down artificial rock walls or natural rock formations. Outdoor climbing is an extreme sport and it is also adventurous.

There are different benefits why people engage in outdoor climbing and they are:

  • It burns down calories
  • Help in critical reasoning and problem-solving
  • It gives you room to explore
  • It boosts confidence
  • It increases strength and grip

For you to have a successful climb without the risk of falling, you need climbing gears. These gears are designed to ease climbing and also to safeguard you while you climb. Below is a list of gears for outdoor climbing

  1. Climbing harness: This is used to secure a person to an anchor or a rope while climbing. A good harness would fit slightly above your hip bone, even when there is a pull, it doesn’t fall below your hipbone. It is advised that harnesses should not be used for more than seven years because of the wearing off of the material used in producing them.
  2. Quickdraws: This is a climbing instrument used by climbers to keep a rope straight and prevent friction through bolts and anchors when using the climbing rope. It is recommended that you use 12 quickdraws for most climbs taking into consideration the distance which could be within the range of 20-30 meters
  3. Personal anchor system (PAS): This is used to attach a climber to an anchor of a route. It is safer than a climbing aid called a daisy chain.
  4. Large Locking Carabiners: this is a device that is used for connection, holds two things together so that they cannot be separated except when unlocked. There are three types of carabiners and they are non-load-bearing carabiners, normal carabiners and locking carabiners. These carabiners come in different sizes you choose the size you want depending on the devices you want to connect.
  5. Climbing rope: This is very essential, you need a rope for climbing. There are two types of climbing rope and they are dynamic ropes and elongation rope. A climbing rope is made of two parts, an inner core and an outer sheath.
  6. Climbing shoes: climbing also requires you wear the needed footwear. A climbing shoe is designed for climbing. These shoes are handmade with high-quality proprietary materials. These shoes are not suitable for walking and hiking thus they should be worn at the base of the climb.
  7. Climbing helmet: just like other helmets, this is designed for climbing and also to protect the skull when there is a fall or from a falling rock. When buying a climbing helmet, you must ensure it fits properly, do not use a helmet that does not have a secure fit, ensure that the chin straps can buckle and there should be no slack