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Attending a Professional Golf Tournament


Watching professional athletes play their sport is always exciting and this goes for professional golfers too. PGA tournaments are held all over the world as those who enter then jockey for their spots among the leaders, If you get the chance to attend one of these, here are a few tips to follow while you are at the course.

Practice Shots

One of the best places to settle in and watch is the putting green and driving range. The golf course management will most likely have installed temporary bleachers at these places for fans to observe their favorite golfers as they warm up. The area is informal compared to the actual course so, once a pro is finished, you might have a chance for an autograph or picture. You can also see the latest equipment in action at these places.

Come Prepared

It will be a long day outside so you will want to pack for it. You will want to bring a visor or hat, bugspray, sunscreen, an umbrella or rain poncho, and a pair of comfortable walking shoes. Always keep your ticket visible on you in case an official want to see it. You will also want to bring money with you to purchase water to drink and possibly food from one of the vendors. If you are looking for the best golf equipment available, you will want to have cash to visit those merchants also, most of who are the sponsors of the tournament.

Following a Group

The best time to go to a professional golf tournament is during the week. At this time, you can follow a small group through the course without being hindered by the large crowds that attend on Saturday and Sunday. Following these pros lets you take in the entire course while observing what they are doing and how they are performing. If you do this, be sure to listen to the course marshal’s commands and be aware of your surroundings at all times. A ball might be hit off course into the crowd so you will want to watch for this to stay safe. This is one of the reasons cameras are discouraged at these events. Also be quiet as the golfer is concentrating on a shot then take it as a courtesy. Once the weekend arrives, and the large groups of fans with it, you might want to find a place where you can see all types of action like the tee or green.