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3 Handgun Uses


The term handgun covers a range of firearms that can be used in one hand, usually some type of revolver or pistol. They can be used for home protection, carrying, in competitions, or just to take to the range for target shooting.

1. Competitions

For almost as long as there have been projectiles, there have been contests among people to see who is the best at hitting a target. Before guns, people would sharpen their spears or tighten their bows properly to ensure peak performance. Nowadays, there are accessories that can be added to competition handguns to give an edge over the competition. Special sights, barrels, and triggers can be swapped out to optimize the chances of hitting the bullseye.

2. Carrying

One of the popular reasons for purchasing a handgun is to carry. Laws for open and concealed carry vary depending on the region, so it is best to thoroughly research the applicable regulations before getting a firearm. If buying one to carry out of the house, be sure to find a comfortable holster. Holsters protect against accidents, like the gun slipping out of place, and should cover the trigger to guard against accidental firing.

3. Home Protection

While nearly any firearm can be suitable for home defense, handguns are a great choice. They do not have the same recoil as a rifle or a shotgun, allowing for better control when taking multiple shots. Because they are lightweight and simple to use, they are invaluable in an emergency situation. They take up less storage space, making it easier to safely store one close at hand.

There are many sizes and materials to choose from when selecting a handgun. That, along with the different kinds of ammunition should be taken into consideration before making a purchase. That way it is likely that the perfect gun is bought for the intended purpose.